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This page contains links to articles that are useful for your Bible Study. Unless otherwise noted they were written by the current preacher for Sunnyside Church of Christ, Jerry Henderson. Please consider that these are the writings of men and should be compared to the Scriptures. (Acts 17:11)

2015 Articles

Beginning Our Third Year.pdf

2014 Articles

Is There A Difference.pdf

The Tragedy of Fruitlessness.pdf

What Will You Leave Your Children.pdf

The Way of the Transgressor is Hard.pdf

What Religion Means To The Christian.pdf

Would We Have Believed Them.pdf

Would You Have Been There.pdf

She Hath Done What She Could.pdf


Is It Wrong to Judge Others.pdf

Until Christ Be Formed In You.pdf

2013 Articles

Molding Lives.pdf


Just A Soldier.pdf

The Wonderful Word Of God.pdf

Why Do Ye Look One Upon Another.pdf

By What Standard.pdf

Our Work For The Lord.pdf

Our Objective In Life.pdf

God's Worker.pdf

If Ye Then Be Risen With Christ.pdf

Serving God, A Choice.pdf

Is Your Religion in the Bible.pdf


Overcoming Obstacles.pdf

Right Decisions.pdf

Serving God, a Choice.pdf

What it Means to Receive the Word.pdf

Who is a Christian.pdf

Workers Together with God.pdf

Hidden In My Heart.pdf


None of These Things Move Me.pdf

Would Someone Be Concerned About You.pdf