Sermons from 2014 listed by month. Unless it is noted otherwise these were presented by the current preacher, Jerry Henderson.


Jesus Mediator Between God and Man 12-14-14.mp3

Be Not Deceived 12-7-14.mp3


Secrets Of Success In The Kingdom 11-23-14.mp3

Looking In The Mirrror 11-16-14.mp3

What It Means To Reject Christ 11-9-14.mp3

What It Means To Be In Christ 11-2-14.mp3


Fit For The Kingdom 10-26-14.mp3

The World Needs The Gospel 10-19-14.mp3

Holding Back What Belongs To God 10-5-14.mp3


The Christian's Fight 9-28-14.mp3

Paying The Price 9-21-14.mp3

Jay Thompson - Denominationalism 9-14-14.mp3

This lesson presented by Jay Thompson

Bearing the Yoke 2 9-7-14.mp3


Who Will Follow Jesus 8-31-14.mp3

Bearing the Yoke 1 8-24-14.mp3

Our Attitude 8-17-14.mp3

Who Really Directs Our Lives 8-10-14.mp3

Emotions in the Life of A Christian 8-3-14.mp3


Good For Nothing Christians 2 7-27-14.mp3

Good For Nothing Christians 1 7-20-14.mp3

The Way of Cain 7-13-14.mp3

Disciples Indeed 7-6-14.mp3


Lessons From Elijah 6-1-14.mp3


The Home - What is it and its Function 5-25-14.mp3

The Child's Place in the Home 5-18-14.mp3

A Godly Mother 5-11-14.mp3

A Godly Father 5-4-14.mp3


A Godly Wife 4-27-14.mp3

A Godly Husband 4-20-14.mp3

A Godly Woman 4-13-14.mp3

A Godly Man 4-6-14.mp3


Declaring the Gospel 3-30-14.mp3

How Important is Assembly 3-16-14.mp3

You Are Not Your Own 3-9-14.mp3

Go to War to Find Peace 3-2-14.mp3


Self Examination 2-23-14.mp3

Morality - Lottery Gambling 2-16-14.mp3

Morality - Sexual Immorality 2-9-14.mp3

Morality - Speech and Entertainment 2-2-14.mp3


Morality - Drinking and Dancing 1-26-14 (No audio available)

Morality - Modest Apparel 1-19-12.mp3

Christians Relationship to Morals 1-12-14.mp3

The New Year 2014.mp3