Sermons from 2016 listed by month. Unless it is noted otherwise these were presented by Jerry Henderson.


Darrell Wheeler 12-25-16.mp3

Larry Wheeler 12-18-16.mp3

Larry Wheeler 12-11-16.mp3

Measuring Success 12-4-16.mp3


Should Christians Celebrate Christmas As A Religious Holiday 11-27-16.mp3

Can Ordinary People Please God 11-20-16.mp3

When I Fall, I Shall Rise 11-13-16.mp3

As to The Lord 11-6-16.mp3


5th Sunday - There is Power in the Blood 10-30-16.mp3

They That Worship God 02 10-23-16.mp3

They That Worship God 01 10-16-16.mp3

The Gospel God's Power To Save 10-9-16.mp3

The High Cost of A Free Gift 10-2-16.mp3


Learning Something From Nothing 9-25-16.mp3

Challenges A Congregation Must Meet 9-18-16.mp3

Human Philosophies Which Are Accepted As Authority In Religion 9-11-16.mp3

How Are We Saved 9-4-16.mp3


Reminders 8-28-16.mp3

This lesson presented by Dan Torres


This lesson presented by Dan Torres

Inspiration And Authority of Scripture 8-21-16.mp3

Loving Those We Dislike 8-14-16.mp3

1Kings 18 and 19 8-7-16.mp3

This lesson presented by Mark Dunagan

Now is the Day of Salvation 8-16.mp3

This lesson presented by Mark Dunagan


5th Sunday - Jesus Our Friend 7-31-16.mp3

Attitudes 7-24-16.mp3

Prescription For Spiritual Health 7-17-16.mp3

Respect For Authority 7-10-16.mp3

What Time Is It? 7-3-16.mp3


Great to Be a Christian 6-26-16.mp3

Fathers 6-19-16.mp3

This lesson presented by Larry Wheeler


5th Sunday - Worshipping God In Song 5-29-16.mp3

Too Much of A Good Thing 5-22-16.mp3

Why Jesus Became Flesh 5-15-16.mp3


Flee, Follow, Fight, Focus 4-24-16.mp3

Shall We Not Accept Adversity 4-17-16.mp3

The Seriousness of Being A Christian.mp3

A Kingdom Not of This World 4-3-16.mp3


Congregational Fellowship 3-27-16.mp3

Fellowship and Church Discipline 3-20-16.mp3
Due to a recording error, this audio file is from a previous presentation of this lesson in Blackfoot, ID.

How or Should We Determine Who to Fellowship 3-13-16.mp3

Fellowship and Our Relationship to Brethren 3-06-16.mp3


Fellowship and Our Relationship to God 2-28-16.mp3

Fellowship What Is It 2-21-16.mp3

Why You Should Attend Every Service 2-14-16.mp3

How Well Do You Listen 2-7-16.mp3


Fifth Sunday Lesson - Blessings From God - 1-31-16.mp3

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Becoming All Things To All Men 1-24-16.mp3

What Is Your Life 1-17-16.mp3

Following No Creed But The Bible 1-10-16.mp3

Remember Lot's Wife 1-3-16.mp3